Pianeta Edile is not just a company, it is the life of 3 generations of family which branches out in history and intertwines with the territory of Naples. It is passion and dedication for the construction world, applied to the sale of materials. It is a family tradition.

The birth of the business dates back to the post-war years, when Luigi Borrelli began to deal with an early form of "site logistics".

In fact, at the end of the war Italy was a materially and morally destroyed country. Everything had to be rebuilt and, in the midst of the rubble, construction sites began to flourish everywhere, preceding what would later be the Italian economic miracle of the 60s and 70s.

In this scenario, Luigi began to transport building materials from the producers to the construction sites, with a typical cart of the time.

In particular, he transported tiles from a factory in San Giorgio a Cremano and cement from Caserta.

In the 1950s, in the middle of the reconstruction period, Luigi’s wife, Maria Di Maria, had the idea that would lead them to a turning point: instead of limiting themselves to transporting building materials, the couple began to buy them directly, put them into storage and resell them.

Thus the individual company “Maria Di Maria” was born in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, initially solely for the resale of building materials (mainly lime, cement, bricks and blocks), to which the sale of hardware items was shortly after added.

Signora Maria is an emblematic example of post-war Italian women: she is strong, resolute, able to roll up her sleeves and she worked alongside her husband to build a better future. She kept the daily receipts in a typical apron worn by housewives of the time and, when she went to the bank to deposit the incomes, she spills the contents on the banker's counter.

Subsequently, the personal firm was transformed into Di Maria snc (co-partnership), with the brothers Giuseppe and Ciro Borrelli as partners.

In the 1970s, the two brothers were among the first in the Vesuvius area to be awarded the title of "Cement Baronet" by Cementir.

After about 20 years, the company changed its corporate typology into a limited liability company and the two brothers were succeeded by their respective sons, Michele and Gianluigi.

Finally, with the evolution into the current Pianeta Edile, which took place in 2011, the reins of the company passed to Giuseppe's 2 sons: Gianluigi and Alessandro.

They both grew up in this company, they breathed their grandparents' and parents' passion for the construction industry since their childhood, and they started working there with commitment and dedication when they were just eighteen.

Under their guidance, interesting new steps have been taken, such as the recent opening of a physical store in San Giorgio a Cremano, Materie e Superfici (Materials and Surfaces), with a focus on the sale of ceramics and bathroom furnishings, and entry into the digital world, with the direct online sale of hardware items through this e-commerce site. But there are already many other ideas in the pipeline to be implemented.

Passion for the building industry, professionalism and in-depth knowledge of materials and hardware items are the tradition handed down from generation to generation by the Borrelli family.

They are what we offer you through our accurate online catalogue of hardware items.

Welcome to the Pianeta Edile family!